The only other materials I used other than the sweet gum balls included scissors, glitter, spray adhesive, a needle, and embroidery thread. Shake spray paint cans for a few minutes. The boys and I filled an old grocery bag. Ensure they are wearing long pants, protective shoes and gloves. In the Appalachians, people dipped the twigs in whiskey and nibbled them to clean their teeth. Think beyond Christmas to any season, any sort of holiday, birthdays, birth days, welcome home signs. Matthew Barlow, nursery manager at EarthworksJax shares the history and continuing legacy through suckering of a Sweet Gum tree at the nursery. Once you have several bags of colored bits, you can start the mosaic. Enjoy. Lay the balls out on sheets of newspaper and spray paint them red, gold or silver. In the South some pioneers chewed sweet gum leaves to cure diarrhea. I love making art. Just lift the lid to refill. I know I am usually bleaching bottle brush trees, but this time I bleached sweet gum balls. In our case, we wanted five stripes on the 92-1/2-inch wall. Sign up for our FREE online workshop, Playful Paint. Start painting the primer in 3- by 3-foot sections. I hope you are as inspired by my writings and photos as I am by so many of you wonderful design bloggers out there! Sweetgum was mentioned in writing by historians traveling with Cortes who witnessed the Aztecs using sweetgum to flavor the tobacco they smoked. Make a big one to complement your decor, and place a wall clock in the middle. Paint glue over the peppermint discs and sprinkle glitter over the ornament. If you want a smaller quantity of the spray, mix 3 fluid ounces of the chemical with 1 gallon of water. Continue adding Sweetgum … Paint round wood ball and round wood dial in contrasting color. This is to make sure there isn’t anything living in the holes. Gather up a lot of gum balls. — but looking down I spotted these Sweet Gum Balls, which I’d walked past a million times during my 30 years in town, always meaning to take some home and coat them in paint. Prepare the paint, if needed. You may paint the pot itself any color you want (I do mine in gold also) Add a ribbon around the pot. Steps: 1. What can't be made beautiful with one of those? I promptly went and collected a bag of sweet gum balls and put them in a jar of bleach. You can make a mosaic from sweet gum balls. Use these simple ideas to extend your art activity to include science. I tied the brown burlap around the wreath to make a rustic hanger. Jul 10, 2015 - Again hate these things. During the holidays, have your kids paint and decorate dried sweet gum balls while wearing protective gloves. The gum tree balls pose one of the dangers in the parks. Seed Pods. Getting Rid of Sweet Gum Balls You could make the prettiest Christmas decorations with them. Sweet gum resin or sap may stick to your teeth. Before you begin painting, check the label on your can or bottle of paint for any specific instructions. The forsythia was the big story this week — such an extrovert that forsythia! The sweet gum tree has long been used for medicinal purposes and as a source of hardwood for furniture. A few weeks ago, I was over at my sister’s house when I spotted a ton of sweet gum tree seed pods. Continue this process until the form is completely covered — dozens of gum balls later. This will ready the paint to spray, mixing it and giving you a smoother application. Paint the entire wall with the Firefly paint color (light yellow) and let dry. A Sweet Gum Tree I found sitting in the backyard of a family member. But at the parks, these sweet balls must be swept away to avoid injury hazards, especially for dogs. Some gourds, will dry in time like your usual gourds do, I have some small ones that did dry & sprayed them to make them shiney. Sweet Gum Tree- Liquidambar Styraciflua is a Large, Aromatic, Native Tree Sweet Gum Tree is a large native tree. A Sweet Gum Tree I found sitting in the backyard of a family member. The best method for painting with a roller is to apply it in alternating "M" or “W” pattern, working back and forth over the same section until it’s completely filled in. Clip off all the stems. Two paint rollers Self-leveling laser level Tape measure Pencil Ladder. Paint exterior of saucer and pot. Loop a wire ornament hook into the hole and hang the ornament once it has dried. To do this, place a dollop of glue on each ball and firmly but gently press it on the wreath to ensure it adheres. Sweetgum balls can also be great for kid's crafts because you can usually find a lot at once.  (I used a straw wreath form, but a foam one would probably work, too.) Fried Wonton Recipe: World’s Best Party Food Ever, Mandarin Orange Salad is the Perfect Dessert for Any Occasion, How to get gross smells out of old furniture, burlap, ribbon or fabric to make a hanger. If you don't use enough spray, then some fruits may form; if you use too much spray, the tree may lose some leaves. The amber colored gum, or balsam, gives the sweet gum tree its flavor and its common name. The bare-bones essentials for acrylic painting include a palette, a palette knife for blending, brushes that are marked as approved for acrylic paint, a canvas (Griffin says that a gesso-primed canvas or wood panel is best), a rag or paper towels, and then soap and water for cleanup. See more ideas about sweet gum, crafts, sweet gum tree crafts. I was inspired by Gail at Purple Hues and Me when last fall she bleached pine cones. We picked up a bunch of them and they’ve been sitting in a bag just begging me to create something with them. Start by spray-painting them different colors. Dab hot glue on the form and placed the ball on top of it. Pass the paint roller over the ridged area of the paint tray a few times to remove excess paint. Dab hot glue on the form and placed the ball on top of it. Continue this process until the form is completely covered — dozens of gum balls later. I suggest you use a dark color since it might show between the spaces of the gum balls. My daughter makes them beautiful, and people are always wanting to buy them from her. Rainmaker Platform. For a large quantity of trees, you could go with either the 36" Push or the 36" Pull-Behind. Outside, I placed the sweet gumballs in a box, coated them with spray adhesive, and sprinkled glitter on top. Measure the height of the wall and divide it by how many stripes you want. Finished with a bit of twine wrapped around, this is a perfect piece of natural, rustic decor! 92-1/2" divided by 5 equals 18-1/2" wide stripes. Sweet gum balls can become ornaments on your Christmas tree. I suggest you use a dark color since it might show between the spaces of the gum balls. Mar 30, 2015 - Explore Sandra Watson's board "Sweet Gum crafts" on Pinterest. Thread a loop of fishing line through the ball to make a holiday ornament. I used black burlap since I had it leftover from another project. Spray paint them different colors, attach them to a stem, and they look like flowers in a vase. How to Kill a Sweet Gum Tree. Spray paint the dowell rod and the ball up top gold, (add small red berries around in between the sweetgum balls for some color). Your email address will not be published. Sweet gum balls have been glued around a straw wreath form and tiny pumpkins (putka pods) have been added to enhance it. I love it, even more, when art activities for preschoolers can be combined with science.. Painting with marbles and balls is the perfect combination of creativity, experimentation, and exploration for kids. Spray the sweet gum flowers until they're wet but not to the point the spray runs off the flowers. Spray the ornament with a clear acrylic varnish to preserve the candy and keep the glitter from flaking off. To begin, trim the long stems from the Sweetgum balls. After you’ve painted the wall’s outer edges, use a wide roller to take care of the middle. Cut material into strips and wrap it around the form. After gathering your sweet gum balls… Next, tie a piece of ribbon, thread or colored string around to the stem to hang the colored balls on your tree branches. This is my blog to share my work, ideas and things I've learned. The Sweet Gum tree can be named after its aroma that can be smelt from many feet.   Step 4: ... My favorite mediums are fabric, paint, and wood. Action Painting Made Sweet and Easy with Gumballs Step 1: . Collect the bits of colored sweet gum balls into a plastic bag and repeat the process with another color. ... Spray paint, ribbon, and small seasonal decorating items can make it anything you'd like it to be. The sweet gum balls were painted with a brown floral paint and then sprayed with a finishing coat. Step 2: . Ready for sweet gum balls! Lightly spray paint them white and surround a candle or fill a jar with them for a gorgeous centerpiece. 2. I sat down in front of the TV and watched. Sweet Gum balls are dried as they fall off the trees turning brown, they as well as pine cones can be sprayed and make lovely items on wreaths & in center pieces. I shook the box around so they would be evenly coated. There are also the Mini Sweet Gum Ball Harvester, the 12" Classic Flip-Up Sweet Gum Harvester, and the 18" Sweet Gum Ball Push Harvester for a decent amount of trees and land. Site Design by, DIY Faux Mercury Glass Window Pane Mirror ». They are all over our yard and will bust a tire but again this is gorgeous Then hot glue the Sweetgum balls to the interior of the wreath. This "SWEET" gum ball machine really stores gum balls! Some types of paint come ready to use, while others require a little bit of preparation. An easel will also come in handy. Pour a few squirts of paint into the plastic bag along with a splash of water. Paint the interior of the wall. Materials Needed & the Best Acrylic Paint Brands. Any ideas for sweet gum balls? Make sure to work outside with a face mask on while painting. In the forest, the sweet gum balls can lie on the ground for a long time until they decompose. Make a hanger using burlap, ribbon or fabric. Put balls that are the same color into a cardboard box and smash them with a hammer. Make a hanger using burlap, ribbon or fabric. Bake the gum balls in the oven at 200 degrees for about 10 minutes. Place white paper inside your shallow cardboard or plastic box. Just spray paint them gold or silver, tie them into units of 3 each and use them on wreaths or as tree ornaments, or even on packages. I get twine or and old vine and twist it around rod to make it look like it is growing there and paint it also. Set aside to dry. Crafts With Sweet Gum Tree Balls. The Sap of this tree can be known to be exceptionally sweet smelling and has a consistency of chewing gum. Read all about Gail's pine cones here. Your email address will not be published. Painting with balls is a fun way to combine process art and science. Sweetgum trees (Liquidambar styraciflua) are suitable for use in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 5 through 9. Native Americans reportedly made a preparation of the balsam to treat fevers and wounds. Step 3: . These spikes are very sharp and can injure the dog. With a fully loaded paint roller, work top to bottom, rolling back and forth across the wall in a series of V- or W-shaped strokes until the section is covered.