I could be happy with Lace or Area pups in any strat. Fender had exclusive rights to them until the late '90s, and while there are still plenty of Lace guitar pickups designed for Fender instruments, they've definitely seen a lot of growth in the past two decades. So smooth. Each pickup is unique in structure and performance. The Red and Blue sound nothing like regular Strat pickups, but, they are intended to be voiced like humbuckers; the Red is … (You must log in or sign up to reply here. The first Lace Sensor pickups were created in 1985, and that was only the beginning of a success story that's still going strong today. I'm custom building a Strat and have never tried Lace Sensor pickups, but I have heard great things about them.. My other Strat has a Duncan Hot Rail in the bridge and Duckbuckers on the neck and middle. off ebay into the mix really gives this strat some horse power.. You must log in or register to reply here. I liked them quite a bit for many years. Fender Tex-Mex vs Lace Hot Gold Stratocaster Pickup Comparison. Lace sensors seem to sound more balanced and rounded with maple/maple necks. Electric and Acoustic bass and guitar pickups with no batteries necessary. Hi all I've seen the pickup in the attached photos listed for sale as a gold lace sensor pickup in cream. The standard Plus usually came with 3 Gold Lace Sensor pickups. Lace has built these world famous patented pickups since 1985. $130.00 shipping. Both great in their respective positions. Lace Sensor Dually Guitar Pickup Set. Lace Dually Sensor Electric Guitar Pickup - Gold (04504-02) $131.91 New. However the Lace Sensor was a stopgap solution because the sound was … We're here to hook you up! Anyone else find this a little troubling? The Sensor pickups have the same specifications with the same great tone. Today we are going to take a look at one Lace Sensor humbucker, and try to figure out what this company is all about. Lace USA Ultra Slim Acoustic. Eventually settled on DiMarzio Area pickups. Watch. Free shipping. Making silent pickups for almost 40 years. $175.00. Occasionally I play it at shows. Last year I built the PartsCaster shown below- Had 2 sets of lace sensors, 3 golds and the Red,Silver,Blue set. I usually like a hot bridge pickup for the gain aspect.. Any opinions on Lace Sensors in general??? I am not sure what position of pickup this is. All pickup dimensions are located on each product page. $1,520.68. Lace Sensor Hot Gold Single Coil Pickup - Neck, Middle, Bridge - 6.0k. Great pickup. Les Paul SG Traditional Les Paul SG Traditiona White Cover. When Ted Nugent started playing through Eddie's gear, a funny thing happened …. These are Signed and Numbered! How many is too many. Red in the bridge is perfect, its not classic strat sound but then again I've obtained some of the best jeff beck & david gilmour tone with the Red,silver, blue setup. Lace Sensors have a cross-hatch pattern that captures a much wider area with less magnetic pull on the strings, which is why you can set them as close as you like with-out magnetic interference or "stratitis" or "warble" I think folks around here call it. $228.00 New. Make Offer - Lace Sensor Dually Guitar Pickup Set. If the name didn't imply, the Fender Strat Plus was originally released in 1987 as an upgraded American Standard Stratocaster, in particular boasting Lace Sensor Gold pickups, locking tuners, a roller nut, and Fender's TBX tone control system. Carefully blending Leo's legacy with EJ's modern discerning sonic tastes, these Strat pickups are a key element of EJ's unmistakably pure tone. I have a Red/Silver/Blue set in one Plus Deluxe A Blue/Silver/Silver set in another And have an older first gen set of Hot Golds that from time to time pop in and out of my 3rd Strat I LOVE the Silver in the middle. The Gear Page is the leading online community and marketplace for guitars, amps, pedals, effects and associated gear. I've got a lot to think about. 4.5 out of 5 stars (2) Total Ratings 2, $150.00 New. Lace Sensor Gold - DC Resistance: 5.836K ohms - Measured L: 2.320H ... Lace Sensor Hot Gold (re-measured with the DE-5000) - DC … ). $1,085.00. Originally found on the Fender Strat Plus guitars, these pickups have been used by Eric Clapton, Jeff Be... Video demonstration of the Lace Sensor Gold pickups. For several years, I had a Gold set. Supposidly good for anyone running a bunch of effects. These pickups were designed to give a ’50s single coil sound with a lot of chime and even bell-like tones. Never had a guitar with Fender noiseless. If you cant find what your looking for just click on guitar electronics below for more wiring directions. You can run any combo of lace pickups with no worries about hum and phase issues as you would with standard humbuckers in an HSH setup. Used '91-'92 Fender Japan ST54-77LS Stratocaster Lace Sensor PU Maple FB Clapton. Strat-Talk.com is an independent, member supported forum and is not affiliated with Fender Musical Instruments Corporation. 003-6843-000 Fender James Burton Telecaster Red Lace Sensor Strat Style Pickup. To contact the forum owner hit the Contact Us link. Gold Lace Sensors are designed to duplicate an early Fender single coil pickup. That blue was such an awesome sounding warm pickup. https://lacemusic.com/collections/7/products/lace-sensor-hot-gold-single-coil-pickup-3-pack-with-hot-bridge. The legendary Lace Sensor line, along with our patented and revolutionary Alumitone line. I had a set with a Blue in the neck, a Red at the bridge and a gold in the middle. The legendary Lace Sensor line, along with our patented and revolutionary Alumitone line. Used exclusively by Fender until 1996, these pickups have the same specifications with the same great tone. I got a gold in the neck and a silver in the middle. Electric Guitar Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster Lace Sensor USED. 1991 Fender Strat Plus Dx Sunburst Ash Lace Sensors TBX Wilkinson Schallers. Largely hum free. Lace Sensor's are my favorite pickups. i have a gold in the neck, silver in the middle and red in the bridge of my custom parts-caster. Lace Sensor Ultimate Triple Prewired Electric Guitar Loaded Pickguard - (Black) The Lace Sensor Ultimate Triple has everything you need to make musical ventures across a vast ocean of tones. People complain that they're sterile or 'too accurate,' whatever that means. I have a strat plus from 87/88 that (used to) have Lace Sensors in it. Noise Under The Floor The legendary Lace Sensor line, along with our patented and revolutionary Alumitone line. Discussion in 'Pickup Forum' started by khan, Feb 4, 2020. Lace 21057bk Alumitone Humbucker Split Coil Black Anodized Pickup. The neck pickup is based on a '54 Strat pickup with oversized alnico 3 magnets. Sensor is a family of pickups that covers a long list of models. How many guitars do you have? For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. The Lace Sensors represented a revolutionary new design for single coil pickups—having … The pickups are available in three colors namely; silver, blue and red. Fender Tex-Mex Single Coil Pickups. Lace makes a whole bunch of different versions of Sensors---some are voiced like regular Strat pickups; some are voiced very differently. Lace sensors, especially the golds in a Clapton, are about as clear as a pickup can be. Overview. Hmmm, I have a strat plus, which had three golds in it. Blue makes for a phenomenal phat bridge PUP. I've seen the blue as cheap as $59 online. The patented Lace Micro Combs replace traditional bobbins, yielding a wider tonal range and better string balance than traditional … Red Sensors are perfect for the bridge position when a fat and punchy Humbucker sound is desired from a single coil sized pickup. The Lace Sensor pickup had a rubberized particle magnet and used ferrous shielding to reduce hum. Personally the Red silver blue set sounded more versatile than golds. All wiring diagrams for our pickups and some various diagrams for custom wiring. The Red pickup and its sensor design allow the player to have a fat, punchy humbucker-style tone … The Lace Sensor family has a unique radiant Field Barrier system that surrounds both the coil and magnets, reducing annoying 60-cycle hum. $130.00 +$9.60 shipping. If the blues are your cup of tea, then the … My favorite Strat has a Red-Silver-Blue set in it. Try both settings & stick with what works best for you ! Lace Sensors Best Guitar Players The Red Lace Sensor Pickup is the most rocking and hottest output electric guitar pickup available in the Sensor Pickups line. Got bored eventually and swapped them out for Fralins. JavaScript is disabled. Black is beautiful, and that is what these Lace Sensor Pickups offers. Lace Sensor is one of those brands that not that widely known, but offers a great balance of price and performance. I used them for years, but started missing the grit from passive pickups so I switched back. This line of electric guitar pickups was used exclusively by Fender from 1987 to 1996. I am willing to help in anyway I can. FAST 'N FREE. Listen to just about everything Bob Mould has recorded over the past 20 years ... that's the Blue. Crisp, and quiet, they really do perform like a 1950s pickup, but with no hum. ANybody use the silver, blue and red set? The Red … The Sensor Gold - World Class Tone in a 3-pack of single coils. Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster Lace Sensor Pickups Used Maple Neck w/Soft Case. or Best Offer. Great working condition. Lace Matt Pike's Dragonauts Humbucker Set - Black. Crisp top end and bell-like tone, the Lace Sensor Gold utilizes the latest technology to provide excellent tone for today's guitar players. I thought they were fine. or Best Offer. My first guitar was (and still is) a 7-up green Clapton strat from early on in their production. Includes original mounting screws and washers. Your search for exceptional tone starts and ends here. I'm considering adding it to my current strat in the same position. Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum. 5 out of 5 stars (1) 1 product ratings - 003-6843-000 Fender James Burton Telecaster Red Lace Sensor Strat Style Pickup. Great tones. Being the best at the time, Fender installed Lace Sensors on the Strat Plus model for many years as a solution to the mains hum problem. The Gold Lace Sensor Pickup - The Tone that started it all! Then I modded the strat to have a Seymour Duncan humbucker in the brigde and I thought I'd keep everything original, so I got two more lace sensors for the new setup so I could store the old. The Lace Sensor family has a unique radiant Field Barrier system that surrounds both the coil and magnets, reducing annoying 60-cycle hum. I have a tele plus just like Radiohead's Johnny Greenwood. Lace Sensors are true single-coil pickups; however, internally they are different from classic single coils. So you have a nice array of colors to choose according to your guitar appearance. I am a one man team. They do sound fantastic with a high gain set up I have to say, https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aCByxAsh924ARL9LCesh3o7OSfSu9Zkg. Added a GuitarFetish Boost/Expander 20dB? The legendary Lace Sensor line, along with our patented and revolutionary Alumitone line. Your search for exceptional tone starts and ends here. I'm after a gold lace sensor for my Strat, but on mine I have gold labels on the back of the pickup, … The Blue in the neck is warm and mellow. The Blue Lace Sensor Pickup - Slightly increased output with the warmer 50's humbucking sound in a single coil configuration! I was hoping I'd get something new and exciting to try out, but it looks like I've received the same pickup in a different color. The Lace Sensor is a guitar pickup designed by Don Lace and manufactured by AGI (Actodyne General International) since 1985. Just drop the pickguard into your Strat-style guitar and rock right out of the box! The Lace Sensors have low magnetic pull, so you'll pick up some sustain - they are kind of Hi-Fi sounding, but with the standard Golds you can get very close to a "classic" strat sound. That does help a lot guys. Free shipping. My Strat is routed for three single coils, so that takes out the "dually" option. I've had both sets in some of my other strats with rosewood necks, one walnut neck and a koa neck- by far they sound best with a … The blue is really warm, the red really hot. There's a Hot Gold which might be good for the bridge position. An added bonus is that you dont have to worry about rw/rp and hum issues. Regular price $82.00 ... Lace Sensor Hot Gold Single Coil Pickup - Neck, Middle, Bridge - 6.0k. Lace sensors work just fine with regular pickups. Lace Hot Gold SSS Single-Coil Strat Guitar Pickup Set Bridge 13.2k Matte Black. Perfect. It has a blue in the neck and two reds with a coil tap in the bridge. $69.99.