Develop a list, writing down the customer needs, your business intends to serve. 1. It is simple, memorable, and tailored to the target market. In order to write a positioning statement, it is important to follow some simple steps which include: Selecting the target group upon which the company needs to focus on. 5. Positioning can encompass branding, advertising, promotion, pricing, product development, sales, distribution and operations. These are distinct market segments whose customers rate their needs differently, so the company must develop two positioning statements: For schools, the Underfoot Industries EverAwesome line is the strongest, most durable carpet among all commercial-grade carpets for organizations on a budget, because it is made using our patented SteelTwist technology. A positioning statement provides direction or focuses on your business or organization. Distinguishing the br… A positioning statement is a concise description of your target market as well as a compelling picture of how you want that market to perceive your brand. For example, a fast food chain may position itself as a provider of cheap and instant meals or a car manufacturer may position itself as a maker of high end, luxury vehicles, and so on. STP is relevant to digital marketing too at a more tactical communications level. Brand positioning is also referred to as a positioning strategy, brand strategy, or a brand positioning statement. Unlike traditional book retailers, provides a combination of extraordinary convenience, low prices, and comprehensive selection. According to The Cult Branding Company, “A positioning statement is a one- or two-sentence declaration that communicates your brand's unique value to your customers in relation to your main competitors.” The reason to believe is just what it says. Market positioning is the process of establishing and defending a valuable position for products and services relative to the competition. For example, applying marketing personas can help develop more relevant digital communications as shown by these alternative tactical email customer segmentation approaches. Its main purpose is to guide the business’ marketing, production, and operational decisions and keep it on track. You can turn your positioning statement into a marketing message in the future. The following positioning statement was used by in 2001, when it sold books almost exclusively: For World Wide Web users who enjoy books, is a retail bookseller that provides instant access to over 1.1 million books. Do not use “We’re a car manufacturer for the people,” instead go for your specific target, “We’re a car manufacturer for the rich and ambitious.”. The statement will generally be an internal document, although it should be used as a guide to ensure all content is consistent. When was established in 2000, they used this positioning statement: “To urban-dwelling, educated techno-savvy consumers, when you use Zipcar car-sharing service instead of owning a car, you save money while reducing your carbon footprint.”. The brand name “EverAwesome” tells customers: “This carpet looks great, AND it will last a long time.”. (And it saves you tons of time in the long run.) The frame of reference (FOR) is the segment or category in which your company competes. A positioning statement expresses how a company defines its business or how a brand identifies itself. If you need some inspiration, read through these positioning statements from large and small companies: eCornell is known for connecting students throughout the world with industry experts. Positioning statement Both theorists and practitioners argue that the positioning statement should be written in a format that includes an identification of the target market, the market need, the product name and category, the key benefit delivered and the basis of … What makes you more efficient and better than your competition? Unlike traditional book retailers, provides a combination of extraordinary convenience, low prices, and comprehensive selection.”.