I used chase live mullet as bait & i used a float with about 10-15cm of line down to small hook size 14/16 with some bread (moulded around the hook).. Hooking them in the tail keeps them swimming and attracting predators. Mullet have great eyesight and are easily “spooked” so a low diameter 3lb – 6lb leader is needed. Then, hook the mullet through the tail, slightly below the spine. Adjust sinker size according to size of the poddy but as light as you possibly can whilst still securing the poddy down to the bottom If the tailor are about and you are using a single hook remember to increase the breaking strain of your leader. Make sure the hook is big enough for the job. Don’t tighten your line too smartly otherwise the hook will tear out. If fishing for flathead I find they essentially always swallow the whole bait and I don't need 2 hooks. Drop Us a Line! I fished for them on a 2-5kg baitcaster with closed face spincast reel & 4lb mono.. Good fun & the big ones will give you alot of trouble.. 18-06-2012, 12:59 PM #5. Any bait is fine and you are certainly free to try one by one if the first bait doesn’t work and so on. Item added to cart. When flat-lined (which has the line fairly parallel to the water) the split-tail mullet can be trolled at up to around 8 knots. hook: #4 rusty and dull Eagle Claw found on the ground line: whatever you find in the nearby trashcan float: whatever you find snagged in the bushes reel: found somewhere. Bait is an easy method to catch a Mullet. Drop the bait next your Cotton Seed Cake and watch you bobber. I use a 2/0 circle hook through the nose or tail. truly is the next generation in soft bait! In this process, you can utilise either crisp bread from the nearby pastry shop and simply “squash” onto the hook or you can make your own … Item added to cart. Or else, regularly mullets are caught using a haul seines and thrown nets. Sale Regular price $6.29 Shipping calculated at checkout. Throw the pole. Mullet Fishing I do not claim any rights to the music in this video. The weight should match the size of the mullet. The northern … How to Hook Mullet Through the Back Hooking mullet through the back is a great choice when you aren’t having any trouble getting bites, but for some reason, you aren’t able to set the hook. If you're right handed place some bran (breakfast cereal) in your left pocket, when the school of mullet is located toss some bran over the surface. Mullet is probably one of the most hardest fish to catch on a rod, because they tend to suck the bait, rather than snatch at the bait and hook itself. Close. There are those who are comfortable with #12 or even #14. Legal Gear: hook and line, spears, gigs, seine, cast net; Prohibitions: spearfishing mullet in fresh water prohibited; Image Credit:Diane Rome Peebles. In this video, we used a 3/0 octopus hook with a 5″ mullet. A very few of those — less than a handful — have come on fly. I live in Florida,and this is the way I catch mullet. Unable to add item to List. Place either bread, algae or flies onto the hook. A small brown dry fly tied on a size 14 or 12 hook, or a floating maggot imitation is perfect. Berkley Gulp! Some of the attendees quoted in the article are looking for a catharsis, others are skeptical of the pandemic and still others brought marks and seek some kind of balance. My poddy mullet right for flathead is - small sinker (about pea-size) down to the hook on a 12lb fluoro trace. For example, in this video, we used a 1 oz. Colors Quantity. A 1/16th oz shot and a clear bubble bobber. Tie your hook to the 2-6lb line on a swivel with a 60cm line. Mullet open their mouths and suck the food into it, as soon as you see or feel a bite, or the bobbing float indicates one, immediately tighten your line or the bait might be sucked off your hook! O'Brien's Fishing Club is for inshore and offshore fishing, where captains, guides, visitors, serious fishermen and the weekend fisherman, woman or child can come together and enjoy and learn the sport of fishing! Regular ... Drop Us a Line! When the boat is slowed or stopped, the bait will sink deeper, which is ideal when fish are sounding deep. Gulp Lures - Ripple Mullet. View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries View Articles … Close. Mullets eat microscopic algae. Sinker weights can be varied depending on the size of the mullet, the line class fished and the desired troll speed. Regular price $6.29 View. I suggest you use the smallest, thin-wired hook as possible, with the most commonly acceptable hook being #8, but it all depends on the size of the mullet you’re trying to catch. Mullet are caught by anglers on hook and line, by spearfishermen and commercially they are caught by beach seine nets and gill nets. The other way is that you pass the hook through the tail end twice and then insert the hook through the flesh. Mullet have remarkably soft lips. I like to lip-hook the mullet from the bottom under its chin and through the top of its lips, using a Carolina rig either with a circle hook or No. First off, to most any Florida native, including myself, there's nothing better than some good, fresh smoked mullet, crackers and hot sauce. Denham’s article describes a raucous atmosphere — which, given the pandemic, reads a little alarmingly. I have also caught a few mullet on hook and line. Most of us have found that mullet won’t bite a hook and line baited with shrimp, artificial lures or any other “normal” bait. After all, it helps us anglers in a number of ways. Gulp Lures - Jerk Shad . Sea mullet on the other hand I've tryed everything bread, corn, peas, weed and have never even had a sniff from one..even in huge schools.. Now the real magic comes by you training them them to swim away from you. The northern kingfish (Menticirrhus saxatilis) is the most impressive looking of the three species. Use a # 10 hook, 4 or 6 lb test line, a 14 foot cane or Bream Buster pole. It is also a good idea to use a net to land them. Mullet - Deboned & Split Tail or Deboned & Wedged Price: Please contact 1-877-LMR-RODS (1-877-567-7637) These Mullet are available in Deboned & Split Tail or Deboned & Wedged that we use at LMR Tackle personally & they are the best around. Providing anglers with a leg up on big fish, the Savage Gear Pulse Tail Mullet LT Swimbait features a LT (Line Through) construction, which allows the bait to slide up the line during a fight, giving fish less leverage to throw the hook. A small hook (trout) depending on the mullet found in your area. The bait is allowed to sink to the required depth before the … There are two varieties of mullet in Florida's waters, the striped or black mullet and its cousin the silver mullet. And to help them cover as much ground as possible, open up the bail and feed them line. View cart and check out. View cart and check out. But it’s really not fair to degrade our friend the mullet. Mullet fight like heck when hooked and outplay trout and Kahawai for size. Sea mullet, Virginia mullet, and whiting are all kingfish but have different nicknames in different locations. Account. Account. I've caught small mullets (the size of my palm) using bread before but finding it hard to land the big ones. About; The Commission; Commission Meetings ; Wildlife Alert; Calendar of Events; … Try putting the hook just in the tail end of the strip bait. It is quite difficult for an inexperienced fisherman to catch using line and a hook as they do not like to go after simple bait. Close. If it moves at all , set the hook. When they’re swimming away from the boat, line will be coming off of the reel, but if line stops coming … One of the most popular ways to hook a bait in these situations is to push a forged ring-eye hook through the indent or "sweet spot" just inside the mullet's upper jaw.