The Company

A total area of 1650 sq. meters and more than 30 years on the national and international market, LINEAR Srl provides its clients extensive experience in the development of the industrial manufacture of transformers of small and medium power reactors and specialty products. The products LINEAR srl are presents in various industry sectors such as construction, lifting, medical, mechanical, textile, robotics, electromechanical, electronic. LINEAR Srl R&D Dept., is able to realize the best solutions for products with particular characteristics to customer demand. All phases of design,  handled by high level of computerized machine, are developed in accordance with the requirements of the harmonized standards and international guidelines. The production is supported by automatic machines and the latest equipment  that takes entirely inside our laboratory, step by step until tropicalization treatment in insulating varnishes and final testing on all production. For the construction of its products LINEAR Srl use raw materials and semi-grade of first quality, testing periodically to maintain the high standards of its suppliers over time. The experience gained during these years has led to continuous improvement of products to finalize the main objective of LINEAR Srl: be the first partner for a total customer satisfaction. The consolidation of the trust from our customers so far is the best result of the efforts made by LINEAR Srl.